Kecskemét is a city with special autonomy rights and it is the seat of Bács-Kiskun county and the district of Kecskemét.

The city located between river Danube and Tisza, it has a population of 110,000 inhabitants. The city itself is more than 650 years old, it has a vivid and rich history, surviving the raids and difficulties of the history the quote describes well the city and its inhabitants: “No height nor depth shall I fear”.

Since its beginnings it has been an important commercial town, which has not declined, thanks to its favourable location. Thanks to the factories, industrial estates and the traffic they generated, Kecskemét has developed enormously in the last decades. This has led to an increasing number of different types of accommodations in the city. Thus, we have sought to fill a gap in the construction of our hotel by connecting it to the Kecskemét Bath and its buildings, which will take the city of Kecskemét itself to the next level in attracting water lovers.

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